Software simulation


2008-07-18 1:09 pm
I have been usimng a simulation software to help me design my circuits. I like it because the user interface is excellent, allows you to place, connect and move components very easily and has a very good library of all sorts of components including for exampe potentiometers and variable capacitors, switches etc. It has an "interactive" simulation where you can interact with those components and in addition it has "tools" like probes, oscilloscopes, function generators and so on, so it really feels like a lab.

The problem I have been having with it is that very often I keep getting "convergence" errors - and the solution to this is to remove a few components, or change the interactive simulation settings a bit. But in the end I spend more time tinkering to make the simulation work, rather than the circuit.

Do you know of any interactive simulation software you could recommend?