SMD decoupling on DAC - Lost in the archives


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2016-03-03 9:46 pm
Hastings, UK
Couple of weeks ago I was reading about mods to the DAC in my Rotel RCD 965BX and remember seeing some very helpful comments including pics of smd capacitors soldered across the pins of a DAC - I didnt bookmark it at the time and now for the life of me can't find it nor can I remember if it was even on DIYAudio. I've done a couple of forum searches and re-found various other things I have been interested in reading (including Bitstream and Bass) but cant find the thread/post I am looking for!

Does it ring any bells for anybody? Is it buried in the mammoth that is the Marantz CD63 / 67 mods thread? The DAC chip is SA7323.

Best regards from the coast