Small's Param of old woofer

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Even if someone had the T/S params, they would have changed by now - the suspension can loosen a lot over the course of 10 years+

Measure them yourself with speaker workshop, or you can get by with a DMM and your soundcard equipped computer if you download a signal generator program

search for nchtone - one of the best...
May be i can measure myself t/s parameters but i don't know the procedure !!!
I can test with a sin wave, square and sweep of both but some procedural problem are present :

-I need a microphone for measure and not for voice or similar
-Even If i use a good voice micropone it can modify the data
-I know the relation between T/S param and the "virtual" electric param for simulation, but not the ones between "what i read from instrument " and T/S param.

I have a lot of instrument ( oscilloscope, wave generator, audio microphones, my PC ) but i don't know " how to use ".
You won't need a microphone for most of the measurements, so don't worry about that.

You should get your hands on The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook by Vance Dickason. It has a complete chapter dedicated to measurements of loudspeakers.

But, before you start off you should ask yourself if it is worth the effort. If the driver is really old then maybe you're better off buying a new one? Just a thought but I don't know the condition of the driver so...

My interests about this woofer aren't to build something like a hi-fi speaker, but only to test and to do some experiment.

When i'll have enough money i'll buy two good woofers, but before i'd like to know something about loudspeaker construction, so to avoid to spend a lot of money.

Many project are shown in internet but the components are'n often allowable in Italy ( whre i am ) and i don't know how they play.

My two woofers come to my old system (so i know how they play now), but the old boxes are bad realized and so i'd like to know what happen if i do something different.

But without a starting point it's hard to do..........

My city library is very good for litterature, story and languages, but for engeneering themes are very bad.

I'm a mechanic engeneer student and in my university there're a lot of low level acoustic and audio manuals, but nothing about measurement.

I've found a copy of the cookbook inside a e-commerce site so, if things seems to be bad, i could buy it in this way.

Thanks for your suggestion.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.