Side Mounted Lamp Retrofit question?


2007-07-28 12:40 pm
Hey Folks,
I have a older style Sanyo projector PLC-9000NA with a side mounted 400 watt Metal halide Lamp. This Machine is a High Quality Built like a Sherman tank Monster! I want to disable the Ballast and trick the Projector into thinking that the Lamp is on so it will not auto shut down. I then want to put in a Modified Auto (12 volt HID) headlight lamp with a custom fit-cut reflector and retrofit it into the side Mount slot. I have seen references to connecting the Lamp leads together so the projector thinks it is working properly. But before I start messing with wires and blowing things up I am hoping that someone in here has some experience with this and can tell me exactly How to do it. The reason I chose this projector is that the Lamp is straight Mounted on the side instead of up and under the way most commercial projectors are. I believe there are other Projectors that lend themselves to a Mod Like this if they can be tricked to stay on. The 3m MP8030 (manufactured by Hitachi as the CP-L550) has a straight in from the rear mounted lamp. So this is another Projector that could lend itself to retrofitting. Any information regarding these two or any other projector models that are easy to trick and Mod would be greatly appreciated. I will keep this forum apprised of how this works out and give the appropriate credit to the People who helped me. If I can get it to work I will Post Pictures of the before and after step by step's including the before and after projected Image's. Please reply in here. In case finding this forum -thread again is difficult you can also email me directly at [email protected]

Many Thanks in advance.