Shadowworks ProTitan???


2008-04-02 3:27 pm

I am a total newbie so any help would be appreciated.

I have just purchased a pair of Shadowworks ProTitans on a whim and without doing any real research. Having looked deeper into them i am wondeing whether they are more suitable for home audio then car audio? I cant find any real info on them being used in Car set ups and the only video link i found was for home audio?

Can anyone shed any light onto this?

My current set up is as follows: -

HU : - Pioneer DEH - P85BT

EQ : - Soundstream MPQ-5XO

Comps : - Rainbow SLC 265 (currently being run of headunit until my Audison SRX2 gets installed)

Rear : - Alpine Type R 69a reference speakers (run through a PG 100.2 amp again until the Audison gets installed.)

Amp : Soundstream XTA 600.2

Subs : - 2 x Focal 38V 15 inch

Wiring : - All Audison

The subs were bought to replace the focals as these have recently been stolen along with the Soundstream amp.

If the Shadowworks are suitable for Car use then can anyone suggest a good Amp to power them???

Sorry for the longness but any help would be appreciated?


2008-04-01 3:17 pm
Hi again - if the HiFonics is one of the older ZED ones, it's surely going to be a good amp for you. ZED Audio also makes new amps today under their own brand and they are absolutely gorgeous and not terribly priced, imo.

Hope you get your subs up and running and come around to tell us about how they sound.