Seas Excel W22EX001 + Horn?


2010-07-26 11:28 pm
Hello everybody.
Recently I opened a post to ask opinions about a new speaker to build.
I liked the final conclusion of the post, and I hope to begin its construction soon.
The speaker will have as drivers:
-Faital HF108 + B-52 PHRN-1014 Horn
-Faital PR320
-Dayton RSS315HF-4

But I have a question ...
In my current speakers I have a pair of Seas W22EX001 crossed with a pair of Seas W12CY001. The Seas W22 looks like a good driver from 100Hz to 1000-1200Hz, it has low levels of distortion in this frequency range.
Grimm Audio LS1 uses this drivers at 1550Hz crossover with Seas DXT tweeter (I also own the DXT). Would it be a crazy idea to combine the Seas W22 with a Faital HF108 + B-52 Horn?.
I know it would not be a high efficiency speaker like the Faital PR320 + HF108 combination, but do you think it can provide sound as good as the union of Faital drivers?
The system is active through a 4x10HD minidsp. The combination would be as follows:
-Faital HF108
-Seas W22EX001
-Dayton RSS315HF-4

Thanks for the attention.
Go for it. I did something similar with the aluminium-coned Seas 8"s and a B&C DE250 on an 18Sound XT120:

Sounds good. Moderate efficiency, but I've got about 100w/ch to play with so it's easy to get as loud as I want.



2004-02-07 2:29 pm
I had w22 excel on my Orion with 24db 1220hz electronic crossover, but the membrane has strong break ups at higher frequency which requires notch filter, but it does not solve the problem.
I advise not to use the w22 excel, if you want a Seas I prefer the prestige series.
just my thoughts.