S.P.Q.R. Model III

Sorry to start a new thread but I wanted an area to differentiate the final drawings for the Model III and to discuss the build process and results as well as post pictures and such.

The final drawings contain cut sheets for baltic birch (5' x 5' sheets). They can be transfered to regular 4' x 8' sheets of birch or maple plywood by the builder.

As always, this design and all drawings contained herein are copyright, Thomas Petzwinkler, 2008. All use is private DIY. Any and all commercial use and distribution is strictly prohibited by law. This design, file and the contents therein represent the intellectual property of said copyright holder: Thomas Petzwinkler, and any use other than private DIY is also strictly prohibited by law. By downloading, printing, or viewing the aforementioned file, you agree to the terms set forth in this statement.

Ok, enough babbling. Here they are!



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