Rockville db16 4000/8000? Part substution

I rebuilding a rockville db16 says it's a 4k/8k I'm not sure where those number are fabricated from. It appears to be about a 1500 Watt amp
Anyway the power supply was completely burnt. The transistors in the power supply were 80n08A. Must I use them again or can I use the standard irf3205's in this supply. It has 47R gate resistors already.


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The transformer was burnt up as well, had to unwind one wind and cut it and remake some of the smaller windings. It was up and running. Then I went to test the the voltage at the output card the Amp went into protection and won't come out. Anyone know what chip this board runs, or I could use some help, troubleshooting the protection.
Maybe irs2110?
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