Rockford fosgate punch 501bd on ebay, what could be wrong with it?

There could be a number of different problems. These amps are initially in protect. After a few seconds, the output section is enabled. If they remain in protect and never try to switch the output stage on, U21 is often defective.

Are there photos of the inside of the amp?

Yes he emailed me some of the internals.

Could those bad fets be the problem?


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I don't know what you consider a good price. I think it would be a bit expensive after repairing it. Expect to spend $50-80 on replacement parts (if there are no unexpected problems).

Have you ever replaced transistors on Rockford's MEHSA insulators?

Yes I have, I did some repairs on a Punch 55.2 that used that exact cooling method. I'll just see what it goes for. Thanks for the replies and info.