Resistor type usage in Mic PCB's


2010-10-06 1:14 am
I just wanted some input about what type of resistor most of you feel works best for condenser type microphones. I have an older Oktava Mk-219 large diaphragm Condenser mic that I have modified. (Upgraded the aluminum electrolytics to tantalum and metallized polyester film caps) because the quality control wasn't the best in Russia at that time. I just bought a few metal film resistors to replace for the older thick film ones currently installed. I was just curious about this cause I have other info on everything else on the board, but just the last three resistors. One makes up a low-pass filter network connected to the FET output. Another one is used when the FET turns on and off with very tiny changes in the gate voltage. When it turns on, current flows through it, then through the FET. And I'm guessing the last one also is involved with the low-pass network too. So that's all. Long-winded I know, but I'm sure there's still questions some of you may have. Hopefully I can answer them. Thanks