Record cleaning?


I have been using the knosti for over 25 years now. It does work and is the cheapest solution.

The next step is nokki nokki, I bought one recently and it does a much better job. If you have a lot of records in the end you will save on fluids by using this device. The NN is noisy and has a lower WAF.


I am going the diy route, hope to build it this weekend.

I have an old, non working turntable I will use. I plan to use my shop vac for the vacuum, will cut a slit in a crevice tool, and line the slit with felt or something similiar.

I bought some record research super vinyl wash, and the disk doctor pads to actually clean the records with.

Since I had the shop vac, and the broken TT already, my investment is about $20 for the disk doctor replacement pads and $30 for the super vinyl wash. And $5 for the crevice tool.

Hope this works.