Readers Reviews.

As a relative newcomer I have searched thread after thread for decent reviews of circuits which have had a big following on these pages. In this I have been generally unsuccessful: it appears that in the DIY community there are the obvious divisions such as solid state v. tube, digital v. analogue etc. but of course these divisions have existed throughout the history of Hi Fi / audio.

I believe that it would be beneficial to people such as myself (living in a remoter part of Scotland) if there were a review section within the pages. Another board does include quite a few such reviews but they mainly concern factory products. I want to know how you would describe your experiences of, say, an Aikido preamp. within the confines of your declared system.

Should it be that such a section is born, then I would suggest that the reviewers publish as much detail as necessary of the system in which the item under scrutiny is tested.

Clearly there would need to be a few agreed ground-rule guides so as to avoid the now boring having never got anywhere debate between the subjective - objective hardliners.

I know still the amount of money which can be wasted in this game! We used to read reviews...we saved bought and were sorely disappointed! That was back in the days when 'measurement' was ALL. The same happened later when perhaps we were led by a bit of kit which 'sounded' brilliant' ... but we often failed to realize that we did not have ancillary equipment which was any good at all! So even that was a hurtful experience.

Any comments?

Happy New Year Everywhere!