RCF 21" or B-52 LX-18EV3

What would be better assuming the price of the RCF LF21N451 is $499 and the LX-18EV3 is $499?

Lets say I would need to spend an extra ~$100 on building a folded horn or bass reflex for the RCF. Maybe the 21" super scooper.

I know the B-52 will go down to 30Hz, and has a max SPL of 138dB, so about 135dB RMS if the numbers aren't pushed.

Is it better for me to build an RCF 21" for $600 than buy a pre made B-52? and for an RCF could I get 140dB+? (half space)
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NEO Dan, good point it's to small to do 30 Hz well.

m R g S r , I wouldn't doubt it, the RCF 21" is a rather finicky driver. I was siming it in 2 or 3 different horns and the MCM 21" preformed louder and had a more flat response in the horns. Which now adds a new question, because you can get 4x MCM 21"s for less than 1x RCF 21". I'd need about 8 sheets of wood to build 4 horns and for horns I use MDF or other pressed boards so lets say $250 for 4 horns that's about $650 for 4x MCM 21"s

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2011-01-07 5:59 am
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