RB2-Kit Woofer Replacements


2013-04-20 5:49 am
Hi everyone,

There was a craze some years back when Madisound offered up a budget kit for sale, and followed that up with two additional bundles. I ended up buying some RB2-Kits, but unfortunately, the woofers have developed issues.

Does anyone know of where I could buy a replacement Vifa/Tymphany TC14WG49-08 or have recommendations for a substitute/replacement driver that could be dropped in reasonably well with the crossover?

Thanks in advance!

http://www.madisound.com/store/manuals/RB2 Kit Full.pdf
Vifa and Scanspeak have a very parallel sort of range. I'd think this Vifa PL14WJ-09-08 is very similar. NRSC paper cone for one thing. Same size and similar frequency response. Only difference I see is the yours has a polymer chassis.
Vifa PL14WJ-09-08 Woofer Mid Range

Think there is a Scanspeak 15W not a million miles away too. You could research that.

BTW that crossover is poor. Should have a 1 ohm resistor in the bass notch IMO. Very bad to have a plain CL in a notch. Needs a bit of damping.