PSU in same cabinet (T-amp)?


I'm about to mod my T-amp with all the standard modifications. I have a question regarding PSU and interference. Is the T-amp circuit sensetive regarding to PSU induction? If i place the Torid transformer and recitifier 2-3 inches from the print, would it humm? I'm planning to make a coppershield between the to parts.

Also, is it necessary to use a regulator?
I'm going for a fairly large tranny, and a good bunch of capacitors. It will put out something like 13 Vdc steady. Is it worthwhile hanging on a regulator at the end?

power supply question

This should be no problem at all. I have mounted a SMPS in the same small case with no problem. A toroid supply should be even easier to live with. It would be a plus to have about 15-16 volts and to regulate it down with an lm338 or similar. This way you can set it to the exact 13.1volt limit and not worry about high line voltage. It would sound better.
Sorry it took so long for someone to answer. I don’t look under the main heading that often.