Precision Devices PDN.18BR40 upper range performance

I note from the datasheet that this 18" driver has an extended upper range and has a fairly smooth on axis response and also well behaved rolloff.


My question is for a single seat one listener loudspeaker project i.e. off axis performance is not important, how high up could this unit be taken? as high as 1.2 Khz?

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I would argue that off axis response is almost always important due to reflected sound (unless outdoors for your single seat listening).

Agreed under normal conditions, however, this might be mitigated somewhat as they will be used in a large room clear of room boundaries.

Just interested to see how far up this unit can be taken? Off axis it still has a good response at 45 degrees, likely similar to the response of the PD184C01 though the PDN.18BR40 is somewhat smoother and more extended into the midband.

PD184C01 response set below.

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