Powering TDA7492P


2016-04-15 8:47 am
First of all i want to introduce myself to the forum, my name is Luis and im from México, i'm new to audio electronics but i hope i can learn from all of you :p

I'm currently using this amp with a 12v adapter, but i was wondering if there's any issue using it on 9v, does the loss of output W's is any big or noticeable?

Also i wanted to know how does the input current affects the amp?, (i.e. whats the diferencia between 1A and 1.3A)

Thanks in advance :eek:


2016-01-14 8:49 pm
Hello Luis,

At 9V, you will typically be getting half of the watts you would get with 12V according to this datasheet with 6R speakers.

For current, you can use formula P = VI as an estimate. So at 9V, ~1.2 amps is enough but it does not hurt to have some headroom.


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