Planet 10 discovered

Panet 10 discovered

Just saw a bit on the Space channel -- scientists have discovered what could well be the 10th planet.

named 2003-UB313 so far. It is 1.5 x the diameter of Pluto and some -240 degrees C (if there are any Lectroids they are going to be cold-blooded :)) Takes some 560 Sol years to orbit the sun in an elliptical orbit.

karma said:
would be nice if thay had some pic's of it :D

They did show a pic. A bright little dot amoungst a background of bright little dots -- distinguished by the red circle drawn around it :)

Be a while before they take close ups, but the hubble (or its successor -- imagine the science once they get big 'scopes on the far side of the moon) might be able to get a more detailed image.

fcel said:
I have to ask ... you named Planet10 ... why call it that?

It's an allusion to the movie " The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension".

In the movie the white lecroids were the bad guys & the dreadlocked black guys were the good guys.

The movie is a real romp. Highly recommended.