Peerless 830883 TS parameters


2005-06-04 7:37 pm
Does anyone have any reasonably up to date TS parameter measurements for the Peerless 830883 woofer ?

Zaph's measurements from 2006 show an fs very close to the Peerless datasheet (45 vs 43Hz), but his Qts is quite a bit higher (0.46 vs 0.38). Zaph measured Vas to be 16 litres compared with 23 litres from Peerless.

The Peerless datasheet is dated 2015, so much newer, but can they be relied upon ?


2013-05-10 4:11 pm

It's typical for manufacturers to produce unreliable numbers. Go with Zaph's data or get a Dayton DATS V2 to measure it yourself.

I just measured the Peerless 830991, and found:

Spec - Actual

Fs 66 Hz - 69 Hz
Vas 6.81 L - 9.14 L (34% higher!)
Qts 0.49 - 0.5053

and it's almost a running joke in this forum of how far off Scanspeak's high end drivers are. :) I find that Madisound's figures are usually taken from real drivers, so the cabinet recommendations they make are usually pretty good. You might also want to play with WinISD. You may find that the numbers don't affect your choices that much. :) Make 2 custom drivers, one with either set of data and try it in some simulated cabinets.


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