Pass XA200


There, I deleted the follower question... Happy?

I was simply curious if Nelson used the Aleph output stage pretty much as is from the 1.2's or if he took a similar approach to the SA-12e or the X1000... I figured that the number of output devices would give me an idea...

I didn't ask for pics or a schematic....

How is your XA coming? I've been curious since that thread has been pretty quiet... Is it making beautiful noise yet???
Ha! A response.


Good luck and please let us know of any problems you face along the way and what you think of the sound when you get working.
I am still waiting for Grey to post his sonic evaluation of the amplifier.........maybe a cattle prod might help...heh heh.
I had to put the XA on the back burner, I am busy with a current feedback design.

Jam :)