PA130 MTM - 93dB under $100/pair

Hey everyone! This is my first post here, I'm a regular over on the parts express forum and John Kelly mentioned I might like it over here too!

This is a simulation I did for a dirt cheap MTM using two 5.25" Dayton PA130 drivers and an ND20FA 3/4" neo tweeter. The box is small and ported, which gives decent extension for the size, but can be better if made a bit larger. These can also work in a REALLY small sealed box for HT use with a sub. Cost is under $100/pair including drivers, crossover components, terminals, and port tubes (everything but the box).

This crossover has 4dB of baffle step simulated for the woofer, bass will be richer if placed near a wall or corner. Thoughts? I'll be building it soon to see if it's viable.

*the shunt capacitor on the woofer circuit should read 17uf, not 18uf

well for some reason the other image didn't show up...

here's a rendering of the box layout itself (might change this a bit):

and the crossover: