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NuTube Headphone/preamp

Just got done today building a really cool headphone amp. It also has an output for line use, making it more versatile. I have built these before and have to admit it seems that the SP1 can make great music for headphones. So, look at the photos, as I have tried to point out certain aspects of this design. Many of you already know that Pete Millett designed this, so that says a bunch right there. I love the sound of DHT tubes. Oh and one thing that I especially like is the stacked mono volume controls. That is an idea that should have never died.

$300+shipping takes it. UNIT IS SOLD


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This is a bump to add that the unit also incorporates a relay to prevent the turn on bump. In addition to that, a headphone adapter comes with it along with a miniplug adapter for iPhone use. The Pangea power cord is a favorite of mine due to the solid prongs used on the male end of the plug. I think that it was $90 by itself.