Now I Know Why!


2007-08-03 7:46 pm
Here I thought that I build myself a nice sounding setup just for listening to really nice music.
Now I know that karma intended me to do so.
The real reason?

Guitar Hero III

I have to admit that I am hooked. Never have I had this much fun with a computer and a stereo before :D
After trying the game at a friend I just had to go and buy the darn game. After 2 days of playing (on easy) I just beat Slash in a duel and got to play "Welcome to the Jungle". I feel like I'm taking drugs or something :D

So if you ever played air guitar at home I can reccomend this experience :)

.... hmmm, maybe I could do some DIY with this guitar controller? :smash:

Edit: I am 33 years old, just in case you wonder ;)