Not new, but a new role

I've been around here for a while, but i now have a new role.

I have been deputized. I have been made a moderator.

I hope to serve the community, and help to gently increase the signal-to-noise around here. Hope i do a good job, and if i don't please jump on me...

To go along with the new role i have added a new avatar (ever since i found out Jocko stole his hat from Devo mine was never the same). Taken about 2 years after the previous one i'm in uniform now -- don't think of it as a bloodsucking vampire but more of an Angel vampire (as in Angel & Buffy -- the latter being one of the best shows on TV, don't let the title put you off).

welcome to the club! :) Hmmmh, why has not a single one of us other moderators come up with saying "hello all, i am wearing a new hat now"? Probably too occupied with work behind the curtain ...
Guess i have to muse about a proper introduction myself but not tonight {yawn!}

Seems a fashionable thing, these avatars, hmmh, but monsters do not look too good on 64x64 pixel. Chose another one, not displaying myself. I envy morsel :)

Concerning S/N ratio, you did a gorgeous job already!