Non working Velodyne SPL-800i


2005-09-20 10:17 am
I got a SPL-800i that's not working, have checked the fuse, input signal and the big caps. And the supplies are ok, +/-120V and +/-18V (power board), +/-15V after reg on (signal board). But the big resistor 18KΩ (R2?) on the power board is getting rather hot (120V to 18V zener).

Is there somebody ho has done any fault finding on this sub amps or has a schematic? As I understand the SPL-800, 1000 and 1200 are similar amp?

I have two spl-800 series ii subs, 5 years old. Both have had the amp fail, one has no sound at all, the other hisses and pops. Velodyne service (California) has offered to repair the amps for roughly $240 US each plus shipping charges.

I did the same sort of trouble shooting as you have with no solution. So far I can't find repair info on line, things like repair manuals, schematics, etc. I don't trust replacing them with another Velodyne amp so instead I will source a third party amp.
If SPL-R is similar, then check the electrolyte caps of the gate-driver! The small missing ones on the right picture. And if they have high ESR, then replace all of the similar ones too!


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