Newbie question on enclosure size


2007-12-06 6:32 am
Hi, I'm looking at building my first speaker enclosure and need help in understanding how to calculate the enclosure size.

I'm looking at building an enclosure with:
6" Woofer
5" Mid

Now, in the specs for the woofer it says a 10L box is adequate, but if I am adding a Mid in the same box, surely this changes the required size.

Are there any hard and fast rules to calculate the required enclosure volume give the required volumes for each individual driver?

Any help on this would be appreciated.
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Can you show us the drivers? We can be more help then. No the mid won't change the box size as it is covering a different part of the spectrum than the woofer but it does need to be isolated from the woofer. Is it an open back mid? If so it needs it's own chamber or even run open baffle but it shouldn't be in the same chamber as the woofer.