Never heard of TSL

I own a Micromega DAC1 which I use to get decent sound quality from my AV-sources. The DAC1's power section consists of three separate transformers which feed a total of 16 voltage regulators. 12 of these are the familiar L7805CV. All components, except these 7805s, are of well-known brands (Philips, Wima, TI, Motorola, NSC, you name it).

The brand is TSL (never heard of) and they don't carry any date/lot code. With most of these the case looks chipped around the edges and the rear of tab seems to have been (hand-?)ground on a coarse grinding stone. Needless to say that I replaced them with STs I had lying around.

Since this DAC1 was made around 1995, the brand TSL may no longer exist. Does anyone know these?


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