Need some help here.....


2016-02-26 3:47 pm
I am trying to set up a small PA system, and know very little about it, all help would be great.

What I am trying to do is just set something up where me and a couple friend can plug our guitars into, have a few beers, and have some fun. None of this equipment is going to be top of the line, we don't really need anything like that.

Radio Shack had their going out of business sale and I picked this mixing board up new for like 15 dollars. Its a MIXPAD MXP124.


I found this set of speakers and amp on ebay yesterday.


Photo of the back of the amp, and speaker.


Was wondering if I just connect the amp to the speakers, then run another 1/4 line from the speaker to the main mix or the mix 2 on the board. Or am I just completely off base and this amp and speaker package on ebay wont work, I haven't bought it, but if it will work I might. I know this equipment isn't top of the line, I don't really want to dish out top of the line money, for a hobby. I am trying to keep the cost of the amp and speakers around 3 hundo, maybe you got a better idea, any help would be cool.

Thanks Dave


2013-03-31 3:53 am
Yeah that is basically how you would hook that up but those speakers and amp are pretty awful so I'd suggest you look for used powered speakers instead. Anything including something from Behringer is better, buy a pair of they are in budget but a single better quality unit would work too as everything you are putting into the mixer is mono anyway so you don't really need 2 speakers and 1 will get plenty loud enough. Powered speakers will make your setup easier too, just a cable directly form the mixer to the speaker.
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