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    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Need a help! OPT design assistant software


2006-03-16 10:08 am

Dear. Friends,

Recently I started using OPT design assistant software to design my own tube output transformer. I heard the program is pretty good.

However I have a difficulty using it because I'm a biginner of this software. Please advise if you know something of this software. In the picture I added my questions for WE205D SE output transformer. I sent email to the software owner but he is not responding so far.

My questions are.
1. Why it turned into RED?
2. What are they means?
3. What should I do? 594/6 means that wind 6 paralleled copper wires for 594 turns? Is 41/1 means that wing 1 copper wire for 41 turns?
4. Should I fill some of field?
5. Which is better? Bigger value or smaller?
6. Should I fill some of field?
7. I can understand this is core size that I have to use.
8. What is this? Is this for reference only?
9. Is this thickness of core gap for SE OPT?
10. What is thickness of iron core?

Thanks in advance.
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You should probably read up on the basics of OPT design and the readme for the program.

The program just state how many turns/layer and number of layers in the sectioned midbar.

You have to check upper left box to see how they are tied togetter, in the same box you can choose SE or not.

The program won´t give you a finished design it´s just a tool like the calculator you have to feed it the right numbers.....