• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

My Latest Acquisition

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Incidentially, I received the receiver yesterday, and milled around until I worked myself up enough to give it a go. It works great, is smooth, and no perceived distortion that comes with a failing system. There are a couple of switches that need to be sprayed with cleaner.

One thing I noticed at first, that had me a little concerned. I had been running my Bogen receiver, and it is very "out front" and power output in Spades. When you turn the volume Pot, you can take it to just the third notch, and it will run the Airedales to the point of making you need to turn back the knob, or get ear protection. I'm not kidding here.

But with this unit, the volume graduation is very smooth, and does not take a leap upward, until it gets to a little over the half way point on the dial. At first I thought it would be in need of a replacement of the power supply caps. But on reflection, I suppose it must the difference between the two volume pots. Some are different than others and change resistance differently than others.

Anyway, the unit is clean and the insides are almost spotless, but I can tell that it has not been recently cleaned. It has just been well taken care of and no smoking in the room, or it would have a film buildup. This is good.

Incidentially, I am enjoying it right now, and playing contemporary jazz from my hard drive collection. I made a wise choice and am totally pleased with the unit. And it was the best packing and shipping job I have ever seen. Superb service. This gal, who sold it to me, really is a Trooper!
I'm "only" 53. The stroke only effects my vision and its not correctable and I have a limited drivers license because of it. It was caused entirely by stress. I worked for the Computer Services Group there and at the time I was group leader. The job was very high stress towards the end because they had laid off most the group but we still had to support all the local plants 24/7 so I had worked 32 or so weeks without a day off when I had the stroke. It was a double whammy as it turned out I also had lung cancer though I've never smoked ever. So lost part of my lungs to that... Fortunately my BP is normal when I am not stressed out but the last two weeks I've been to several doctors because I've been having bad chest pains. Turns out I also have a stenosis, bone spurs and a compressed disk in my neck and they think thats whats causing the pains from pinched nerves as they can't find a problem with my heart. I had to wear a Holter monitor a couple days ago but don't have the results from that back yet/. As they say, growing old is not for wimps...I hate the bad eyesight part of it because it really limits the amount of time I can spend building all the projects that never seem to get caught up with here. I suffer from depression also and have been tried on many of the various drugs for it but it seems most have side effects worse than the depression. I just started Lexipro a couple weeks ago but haven't been on it long enough to tell if its gonna work good or not.
That sucks that your BP problem was caused by the drugs that were supposed to help and I hope it doesn't cause you any bad problems like a stroke etc....Two of the anti-depressants I was tried on gave me high BP and/or tachycardia. Fortunately it went back to normal after they left my system. One was Luvox and can't remember the name of the other one....

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