MPS-U10/U60 replacement

MPS-U10/U60 replacements

Check this out. I was in the same boat.

" For the MPSU10 I'm going to suggest a Toshiba 2SC4793 and for the
I'm going with the Toshiba 2SA1837. DigiKey has oodles of both and,
like I said before, prices start at $.72 each or $5.40 for a 10-pack.

The replacement transistor has to be able to handle the voltage and
current, and it should be fast enough. It has to be able to handle
power (with heat sinking as needed). Without heatsinking, the Uniwatt
series handles 1 Watt, up to 10 Watts with heatsinking. The Toshiba
replacements are good for 2 watts/20 watts."


2001-02-04 4:23 am
The Toshiba parts are not as fast as the Motorola parts at the currents they probably run at. They also have a different pin-out and have bigger leads.

In the 5mA range (likely operating point for the MPSU10/U60 parts) the MPSW42/W92 are about the same speed at the original, have the same pin-out, and the same lead size. The MPSW are 1W free-air rated, same as the MPSU parts. A sink could be glued on for higher power levels, say, 12mA at 80V (1W).