modifying KRK/Stanton Active speaker

I just bought a pair of Stanton active speaker that is very similar to KRK RP6.
It has It has a TDA 2052 for the HF and TDA7296 for LF. There are also 6 cheap 4580 op amp at the pre amp board, and a 4580 at the power amp board.
I would like to simplify the topology, as my purpose is for home use, so i look for better tone, not the most accurate freq response. Such that I think I can reduce the pre to perhaps just 1 4580, which has 2 op amp inside, as electronics cross over, and a simple tone control.
With only 1 or 2 op amp, then I could use the much better op amp such as BB2132 or even 637.

Any one has the circuit diagram or has repaired one ?

tks and best rgds