Measuring Sensitivity for Multi-driver System


2010-05-07 12:37 am
I'm struggling to understand and calculate sensitivity for a two-way system. I know how to calculate Efficiency and/or Sensitivity for a single driver in free-air, but don't know how to do it for a completed system.

Can it be calculated or can it only be measured? Does the enclosure affect sensitivity?

Calculated and measured sensitivity is into half space. Bass for for a box is 6dB
below that, as its into full space. Depending on the amount of BSC the midrange
sensitivity is usually 3dB to 6dB below the nominal bass half space sensitivity.
i.e. for a 89dB bass/mid 2 way the sensitivity is 83dB to 86dB.

rgds, sreten.

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2010-05-07 12:37 am
I'm trying to do a couple things:

1) Calculate the total sensitivity of a given pair of tweeter and woofer and
2) Understand at a fundamental level how to match tweeters and woofers.

I was looking for formulas and maybe some sort of text or reference. I have D'Appolito's "Testing Loudspeakers", Eargle's "Loundspeaker Handbook", Dickason's "LDC v6", and Murphy's "Intro to Loudspeaker Design". I feel certain what I'm looking for is in one (or most!) of those, but somehow I'm missing it.

Any help, directly or via reference to a location in one of those books would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

Its essentially as I outlined. Mid band sensistivity depends on the amount
of BSC (baffle step correction), 3 to 6dB below the bass / mid drivers
nominal midband sensitivity measured on a half space large flat baffle.

The tweeter level is set to match the chosen midband sensitivity.

See lots of examples in the links I posted.

rgds, sreten.