Mark Kelly DC motor controller advice required please

Hi Boyz,

Bit of a Newbie question, but as stuff can blow up (on me)- if you don’t sometimes delay your gratification I think I had better ask this question to better minds...........:spin:

I have a completed Mark Kelly DC motor controller all populated with components ready to test however....I only want to run off a DC supply (which is ready to go) So with respect to the promulgated circuit diagram:

Can I directly connect my 12v DC supply to the Vcc point marked 12v at R4 on the diagram (though this seems patently obvious.. BUT..I have fitted IC1 the reference voltage chip which resided in the battery charger side.. , which seem superfluous if you use the 12 v DC direct option with no battery charger option??)- Would I have to remove IC1 prior to applying 12v DC to R4?- or could I just connect my 12v DC to R4 and start adjusting?

Sorry about not posting the circuit diagram, but i don’t know if Mark Kelly has copyrighted it or would be hacked off if i did so?
Link Here:

Much cheers