marantz cd6000 not playing

i have a 5 yr old marantz modified by heart. frank stuppel is apparently out
of business as i can not get up.

i really like the sound of this player but it does not work on more than half
of the discs i give it, be they new, cdr or cdrw. the problem has become
progressively worse but the player always was finicky.

if one keeps ejecting the disc and putting it back in it will usually play at
some point.

i have taken to using an extra disc above the one i want to play; i.e., i
load two discs. and this seems to help.

any ideas? i thank you very much.


2004-03-11 2:05 pm

It sounds as though the laser is shot, these are quite easy to pick up in England but I don't know were to get them in the US. There is a guide here for replacing the laser (it's a different player but the same transport)
and the laser you need is a VAM1201 or VAM1202.
Also check this forum for details on the missing 10pf cap on the CD6000 transport, this mod will help the CD6000 play CDR's.

Hope this helps.