Lurked for a while, time to introduce myself!

Hello everyone!

I have been a member of DIY Audio since November 2010 and this is my first post. Just lurking the forums and reading the many interesting articles has been a very enjoyable experience, but I feel like it is finally time to contribute to some of the discussions.

I am from NY. I love to run, hike, and cycle in addition to developing audio circuits. My educational background is in RF design but I have taught myself a lot of analog circuit design over the last few years. I am currently working toward designing and building my first power amp.

Thanks for the welcome! It has been very cold and I am ready for spring :)

I am working on a simple solid state design for now. I don't want to build anything too complex right off the bat, but I have been looking at the 25 W power amp on the Soundhost webpage (25W Class-A Power Amplifier). I may just follow the design directly but it seems like it would be a bit more fun to start from scratch and put together my own design...we'll see how it goes.