Line array with the line comprised partly of passive radiators?

Might it be possible to create a speaker configured in the nature of a line array, except with a vertical line of small-diameter fullrange active drivers in the center of the line, flanked (vertically, all in a row) by a line of small-diameter multiple passive radiators above the active drivers, and another line of small-diameter multiple passive radiators below the active drivers? [all, together, comprising one closely-spaced vertical linear arrangement]

The thought experiment is that the passives would tend to largely emit lower frequencies, making the line length longer for the low frequencies, while the active drivers nearer the center would carry up into the higher frequencies.

Those of you with more knowledge and experience may be aware of some pitfall that I'm missing; I've googled around and not found any sign of something like this, which could put it in the category of either new and different, with possible potential, or an embarrassingly terrible idea for some reason that just isn't occurring to me. . . .
Yep, here's the pitfall: you'll need a really long line of PRs before they'll act as a line source at the frequencies they'd be operating at - usually a fairly narrow band somewhere below 100Hz. Remember, PRs are effectively replacing a bass-reflex port.

Furthermore, just above the PR operating band you'll still have the full-range drivers, probably acting as a point source.

I like the idea, but I don't think it'd work in reality.