Level Control Circuit

I have built one amp of 8w+8w+16w(sub) for using with VCD/Audiocd/PC with 300 mv sensitivity. But sometimes with different input or cd's i get very low output and sometimes good output. Hence i think i must put and additional preamplifier at the input but with level control so that i can get full output always. Kindly suggest me circuits which i can use?
palesha said:
I have volume control at the input. But i want auto level control circuit so that i can get full output with low/high inputs.

Huh? Auto level control? Welllll, that's a whole new ball game. Could you please take some time and try to be more precise what it is exactly that you need? And please think it trough: Do you want ALL sources brought to the same level first and then go to the volume control or what?

(Hint: most auto-level circuits are not particularly HiFi)

Jan Didden