Laser pickup needed

John, I could'nt post before did you get my email?
Also you seem to know these lasers, can you tell me is the mini trimpot that is on the back of unit itself, is this the power output of the laser? as i tweaked it up clockwise about 10 degrees and it did'nt help with the sporatic ticking i was getting on some discs so i set it back again to the original spot.

Cheers George

I check which Sanyo heads I have, sorry they are Sanyo SF-91 (5/6wire). Even with the SF91 (Later head?) tracking performance is very poor - with great problems to read the outer tracks on longer playing disks.

Not sure if SF90 can be replaced with SF91 - do you want me to send you pictures of the SF91 so you can compare physical construction?

Your correct - the pot on the Laser head Assy. adjusts the Laser power.