John Busch R.I.P.


2013-01-30 5:30 am
How awful. I have followed his work on line and had the pleasure of talking to him and listening to a few of his speakers. A great talent and a friendly guy to talk to. Man the last few years have taken some our best and most helpful speaker designers from us
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Hello, I know this may be odd, but this specific post showed up on my recommended pages from Google. I'm not a member of this forum (well, I am now) but I just wanted to say that I am truly sorry for your loss.

This will probably be my first and last post on this forum.

Remember the friendships you have created. No matter how small the interaction is to you, it can mean the world to someone.

Call your moms.

R.I.P. John Busch: Audiophile and friend.
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