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ITT Cannon 6 pole 5 way rotary switch (similar to Elma 04)

Hi All,

I have to spare a New old stock ITT Cannon 6 pole 5 way rotary switch.
3 decks: 2 poles per deck
A super quality switch, similar to Elma 04, etc
Made in W Germany.

A similar switch new would be around GBP50.
I'm offering this one for GBP20.00 + shipping/postage
(UK GBP4, Europe GBP5, Rest of the World GBP6)

One only - so be quick if you'd like it - please send a PM



  • itt sw1.JPG
    itt sw1.JPG
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  • itt sw2.JPG
    itt sw2.JPG
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  • itt sw3.JPG
    itt sw3.JPG
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