Is there a dual TPA3116 amp with the input gain of 20dB?

It seems that Breeze Audio dual TPA3116 100W * 2 has its input gain set to 32dB which is too high.

I want a cheap dual TPA3116 amp with the input gain of 20dB.

Does anyone know such a thing?

Yes, the TI datasheet, section 6.5, tells that it can be set to 20dB gain:
It is a matter of removing a two (SMD) resistors (one for each chip) on the "Breeze Audio" board.
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diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2002-09-20 7:20 am
Then cut them with a very sharp knife. However, I would desolder the resistors with a cheap but good soldering iron. Or have it done by a fellow DIYer that has a soldering iron. Looks better and is more or less a guarantee for reliable operation.

Any TPA3116/8 board can be changed to 20 dB amplification.
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