Introducing the FleXoNotch®


2005-03-26 2:31 pm
Lots of people have come to discover that many full range drivers require compensation of some sort of compensation to have a better balance among the highs, mids, and lows. I have been allowed to introduce a notch structure that combines the flexibility of a notch filter and a BSC.

In the attached diagram, the basic FleXoNotch® includes two resistors, one inductor and one capacitor. L1 and R1 determine when the BSC part is effective, R2 determines the amplitude of the bass, R1 + R2 and C1 determine when the high frequency rise is effective, and R2 determines the amplitude of the mid range. The whole circuit goes in series with the driver.

Once the basic FleXoNotch® values are determined for a particular driver, then one may add an appropriate zobel network to flatten the impedance peak if desired.


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