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Introduce a digital Amplifier based on DSP

Introduce a digital Amplifier based on DSP:

Support Coaxial / Optical / Analog input!!
Class: Class-D Amplifier
Freq Responce:20Hz-20KHz
S/N:>100 Db
Distort:0.1% 1KHz 1-12W 8 OHM THD+N
0.2% 1KHz 20W 8 OHM THD+N
Inside Processor: SRS WOW/HD
Sample Rates: Adaptive 32kHz-192kHz
Inputs:Coaxial, Optical, Analog
Remote: include remote controller

Size: 120(H)*115(W)*195(D) mm
Weight: 2.5KG
it most certainly does, but that would mean paying something. I must say that i'm not terribly impressed with this tendency of i'm afraid mostly asian vendors to attempt to circumvent paying any sort of fee for advertising their products on this forum. lots of it going on lately and I have reported more than one thread to the moderators. there is nothing even vaguely DIY about this product, so it does not belong here.

at least this isnt some vaguely veiled impressions thread posted by someone who is 'just a happy customer wanting to let us know about this product' and is simply a blatant, yet unpaid ad :vampire3:, even mentioning a price


diyAudio Chief Moderator
Paid Member
2002-10-08 11:31 am
Moved to Vendor's Bazaar. Don't post ready made product adds to the DIY forums. If there is nothing to DIY or circuit idea to share its just a vendor's introduction and belongs here. If repeated beyond an introduction, seek a paying vendor's forum from the administration. Systematic hijacking is unfair to paying vendors. Will be considered commercial spam, deleted, and poster banned. Ebay link deleted already. :captain: