Internal or external HDD and a couple questions

My PC's HDD is getting full so I'm looking to expand. It will have both movies and audio on it. But my main concern is the audio as my audio library is all flac.
I believe I have room in the tower for another HDD but wasn't sure if there was an advantage to running one outside. My hope was that I could put the HDD next to my dac for the shortest cable run. The DAC (emotiva dc-1) has usb and optical inputs. But I figure I may be dreaming there.

Thanks, Mike
My 2 cents.

An external USB HDD should have plenty of transfer bandwidth for audio, FLAC or not. You could move all your audio files onto one of those (they are not expensive) and as a bonus the drive is portable so if/when your computer finally kicks the bucket you can just unplug the drive and move it to the next PC. There are pre-packaged USB drives and USB drive adapters (drive sold separately). USB 2.0 or greater is needed for this, but unless you computer has emerged out of the wayback machine you likely have at least 2.0 on there...
AFAIK RAID1 is vulnerable to bit rot since it has no parity. I.E. if one disk switches a bit there is no way to know which drive is wrong.

The solution is to use a RAID that has parity, use par2, or both. I use RAIDZ2.

Attached is a batch file to make par2 files for all subdirectories (rename to .bat)



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