inserting audio silence into a track


2012-07-12 10:20 pm
I have used audacity and NCH wavepad to put a 2 second silence at the start of my audio files. However on playback it is not silent but a slight hiss is present, which i'm sure is not down to my systems noise, as I have a CD with test tones which also has a silent track on it - and it is.
Any suggestions for other editing software i could try?


2003-02-17 7:38 pm
do you have dither enabled? - noise shaped dither for 16/44 should give inaudible noise in any practical home listening scenario at normal listening levels
Audacity does do a simple frequency shaping of the additive dither but doesn't implement a good psychoacousitcally tuned shaped noise floor dither

any system will have a noise floor that you can turn up gain to unreasonable levels to hear - but you can't listen to music at those levels so it really isn't a good test

S/N numerical spec was gamed in some early some CD players - they have muting circuitry that detects "digital black" and shorts the output into a low R - much quieter than the player's DAC circuitry's electronic noise

many have come to see (hear) this output muting as artificial, pointless - since the noise floor with music playing is the only thing that really counts - and is almost always limited by the noise of the studio, microphones, electronics in the recording - few home listening rooms are as quiet as better pro recording studios too
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