InFocus TVT3000 projection panel any good?

Hi all been reading these forums for a while and thought i'd put together my own home projector with using a lcd panel and OHP

What i'm asking is has anybody had any use with the InFocus TVT3000 projection panel?

It will be only used for dvd's and sporting events on tv,

Has anybody had any use with this panel?

Any help will be much appreicated

Thanks in advance
tvt 3000

i have one of these. is works well for my purposes. vga res. decent color and speed. it's larger than some other units, and doesn't lend itself to easy modification. i got mine for 25 bucks. can't complain. it only has vga input, so you'll need a way to get a tv signal in. i have found that sports tend to look better through lcd than most movies(fewer dark scenes and colors). have the pinout for the vga and power inputs if you need them.