Ideas for a solid speaker stand, but why??

Hi all. Im about to build the Ariel speaker mk 6 by Lynn Olson. In my planning Im thinking of the speaker stand right now. I need a quite stable stand as the Ariel is quite top heavy and slim. What Im not sure about is how the sound will be affected. My gut feeling is that the sound could improve. But I dont know why. Is it just stability so that the speaker wont move with the drivers? Has the weight of the stand other effects?

Please look at my design for a heavy and stable stand and give comments. The link below provides some pics and text explaining what I want to do. In short Im thinking of building a 3cm thick base of solid oak. Then i rout ut ducts 2.5 cm deep and fill them with lead ( that I melt and pour down ).

<a href="">Stable stand for floorstanding speakers.</a>

<a href="">My Ariel speaker page.</a>

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