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Ideal B+ voltage per OPT impedance?

Is there an ideal B+ voltage for output transformer impedance? I've just built the TSE with 300B tubes. I have 3.5K ElectraPrint output transformers. I made C4, 8.2uf. I was shooting for 365 volts B+. Because I thought my AC line voltage was 120 volts. Well my AC line voltage is more like 123.5 volts in he morning, and slowly drifts down to 121 volts AC, sometime slightly lower, by night time. So I am usually running between 370volts B+, and 375 volts B+.
Any problems running the TSE with 300B's and 3.5K output transformers at these B+ voltages? Things sound just fine. and I would like to leave it as is. But its not to big a deal to lower C4 down to 6.8uf if I had to. What do you all think? Leave as is and enjoy? Or change C4 to drop the B+ voltage a little? Thank you all.:scratch1: