I finally solved my Leach amp problem-too late!

As I was working on another Leach amp board just now, I noticed that I had not 82 ohm resistors for R32 and R33. I looked over at my other board (the one I burned up trying to figure out why it was clipping) to figure out what I used for it, and I suddenly realized why it had been clipping at about 400mV in. I had used 7.5k resistors instead of 82 ohm (the "k" had somehow slipped by me when I was building that board). What a stupid mistake! If only I had paid more attention, that board would be up and running just fine.
didn't blow up because of my mistake


Last time I looked it up, shorting something while trying to find an error is a mistake... And as long as nobody else was helping you, the blame is on you, hence "your mistake"...

I don't want to be a stick in you butt, but this one was too easy to pick on. ;=)

Good luck with your boards! My first Leach Amp board blew up as well, as I shorted the biasing circuitry.

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